Compatible region(s): Scotland

Comprehensive Will for unmarried person (Scotland) (pair)

Use this Will if you're aged 18 or above and not currently married or in a civil partnership. This includes those who've divorced or had their civil partnership dissolved, those whose spouse or civil partner has died, and those who've never been married or in a civil partnership. Use it if you're single or in a relationship.

It will allow you to make as many gifts of money or specific items as you like. You will be able to leave the remainder of your estate after making gifts to as many people as you like, either in equal shares or in varying percentages. You can also vary how you would like to leave the remainder of your estate and appoint guardians for any children.

This Will is suitable for use in Scotland only. Do not use it if you own anything located in a member country of the European Union other than the UK, Ireland or Denmark.

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Comprehensive Will for an unmarried person (Scotland) (Guidance Notes)
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