Northern Ireland

Below is a brief overview of what you will find in this discussion of divorce and dissolution. This information applies only to Northern Ireland.

Background information

See Background information to learn about:

  • When you can get a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership
  • Mediation
  • Which courts you can go to
  • Judicial separation & separation of a civil partnership
  • Nullity

Grounds and the facts to prove them

See Grounds and the facts to prove them for information on the grounds you can use in Northern Ireland for proving that a relationship has broken down irretrievably.


See Jurisdiction for information on:

  • The criteria to have your divorce or dissolution heard in a court in Northern Ireland
  • Domicile & habitual residence

Divorce or dissolution process

See Divorce or dissolution process for information on:

  • The forms needed during the process
  • What happens after service upon the respondent
  • Undefended petitions
  • Defended petitions
  • Costs

Financial Separation - Ancillary Relief & Matrimonial Agreements

See Ancillary relief & matrimonial agreements for information on ancillary relief and matrimonial agreements, including:

  • The court process
  • Factors the court considers
  • The types of orders the court can make
  • How pensions are dealt with


See Children for information on:

  • Court proceedings regarding your children
  • Court considerations

Parental responsibility

See Parental responsibilities for information on:

  • What parental responsibility means
  • Who has parental responsibility
  • What happens when parents can't agree

Changing names

See Changing your name for information on:

  • Changing name by statutory declaration or deed poll
  • Changing a name on a birth certificate
  • Changing the name of a child