Why choose us?

Although the Law Assistance service takes advantage of the latest cutting edge technology, it's a concept we've been working on for years and is the result of a lot of painstaking research. We've gathered opinions, studied surveys and pored over feedback to understand what it is you need from a law firm. We know that you want the convenience and immediacy of web access, but without making a single compromise on the level of professionalism and experience you want to bring to bear on your legal matters. We know you want a process that's transparent, and to have direct input into your legal affairs. And we know you want all of this at lower fixed-fees.

In short: you want the very latest technology to serve you, but you don't want to lose the reassurance of the personal engagement that a professional law firm can bring.

We think Law Assistance can meet your requirements. Read on and see if you agree whether we've got it right.

You Want... We Provide...
To know exactly how much your matter will cost with no hidden fees. A lower fixed-fee for all our document services started on the Web.
To save money but still have the comfort of receiving advice and support from a trusted law firm. All the expert advice, assistance and legal tailoring you'd expect from leading UK law firms, included in our lower fixed-fees.
To have a transparent service where you can see what you are buying, and to let you try before you buy. Immediate access to start your document service online - answer the questions and see the first draft before your assigned law firm takes over. You don't even need to register to get started!
Easy access to quickly get started, and to manage your document services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A wide range of document drafting services that use all the very best of the latest Web technology, so they are simple, quick and permanently accessible.
To be able to get more complex advice and representation at affordable hourly rates with the same Solicitor from start to finish. The ability at any time to move from a fixed-fee service to being provided with more complex individual advice, at an affordable hourly rate, with the facility to speak with your lawyer over the phone or even visit the law firm's office for a face-to-face meeting.
A refund if you are not satisfied. A money back guarantee on all our document services started on the Web.