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Almost everyone has a need for legal assistance or to prepare some kind of legal document during their lifetime, whether it's because you're writing a Will, want to consider how to manage your wishes if you fall ill, want to complain about substandard work by a builder, or a host of other possible reasons. Fortunately all these and many other situations can be dealt with using Law Assistance, which provides you with all of the tools to create legal documents at a fraction of the cost of visiting a solicitor, but without sacrificing any quality or confidence in the legal document you will receive. Take a look at some of the categories below:

Building work

Legal information and documents to help you through the building life cycle, from setting up the initial contracts through to dealing with any complaints during or after a building project has been completed.

Services include:

  • Small-scale building contract
  • Request an estimate or quotation from a builder

Buying & selling

Legal information and documents to help you deal with any complications arising from either buying or selling things, be it pets, motor vehicles or other general items.

Services include:

  • Agreement for the sale of a motor vehicle
  • Sale of goods contract

Complaints & disputes

Helping you deal with complaints and disputes resulting when something goes wrong with a supplier, be it a neighbour, restaurant, utility supplier, bank or even a solicitor.

Services include:

  • Complaint about a noisy neighbour
  • Letter offering payment and settling claims
  • Request a refund for goods not delivered on time

Identity theft & credit improvement

If you have been a victim of identity theft we can help you correct bad data on your statutory credit reports and help you better protect your identity in future.

Services include:

  • Credit rating repair
  • Information request after rejection of credit application
  • Request for credit files


This page provides you with information and documents to help landlords manage their properties for the full letting lifecycle, from an initial rental agreement through to termination of tenancy and repossession.

Services include:

  • Residential and assured shorthold tenancy agreement
  • Agreement for a landlord to share house/flat
  • Landlord's demand for rent


This part of the site provides legal information and documents to help you throughout your motoring life - from purchasing a motor vehicle, dealing with substandard maintenance work, challenging a parking fine to ultimately reselling a motor vehicle.

Services include:

  • Agreement for the sale of a motor vehicle
  • Plea of mitigation in response to a speeding summons
  • Complaint about damage to vehicle during service and repair work

Personal finance

Legal information and documents relating to personal finance - everything from unfair bank charges and credit issues to dealing with debtors and repayment of debts.

Services include:

  • Personal loan agreement
  • Income and expenditure statement

Powers of attorney

Powers of attorney allow you to arrange in advance for trusted people to manage your affairs should you become unable to do so.

Services include:

  • Lasting power of attorney - Property and financial affairs
  • Lasting power of attorney - Health and welfare
  • General power of attorney

Prenuptials & living together

When planning a marriage or partnership, it's difficult to discuss or even think about the possibility that things might not work out. But should the worst happen, our prenuptial and cohabitation agreements can save you and your spouse/partner a great deal of confrontation and heartache.

Services include:

  • Cohabitation agreement
  • Prenuptial/Pre-civil partnership agreement
  • Change of name deed

Probate & confirmation

Legal information and documents relating to dealing with a person's property and financial affairs after their death, including obtaining probate (or, in Scotland, confirmation), managing the deceased's estate and inheritance tax implications.

Services include:

  • PA 1 - Probate application form
  • Beneficiary receipt
  • Renunciation of administration


If you have not written a Will yet, consider writing one today, as without it, the state may decide how your belongings are distributed.

Services include:

  • Mirror Wills for married couples or civil partners
  • Comprehensive Will for an unmarried person
  • Letter of wishes


This part of the site provides legal information and documents to help you throughout your working life, including your rights as an employee, writing your CV and dealing with workplace disputes.

Services include:

  • Maternity leave letter
  • Grievance letter to employer
  • Application for flexible working

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