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Almost everyone has a need for legal assistance or to prepare some kind of legal contract during their lifetime, whether it's because you're writing a Will, need to get divorced, wish to complain about substandard work by a builder, or a host of other possible reasons. Fortunately these, and many other situations, can be dealt with using Law Assistance which provides you with all of the tools to create legal documents at a fraction of the cost of visiting a solicitor, but without sacrificing any quality or confidence in the legal document you will receive.

Our website is an online legal service providing "intelligent", self-drafting documents and legal information prepared by expert solicitors.

It's as if you are watching your own solicitor prepare your document right in front of you.

See how much you could save. Try our services for free.

We offer dynamic legal templates drafted by expert lawyers and barristers. Simply browse through the pull down menu to view all of our services and to access our free law guide.

Remember, with all Law Assistance services you can start for free, allowing you to create your legal document free of charge and save it for later.

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