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Neighbour disputes complaint letters (pack)

Property, privacy and boundary issues make up the vast majority of concerns that people have with their neighbors. Most neighborhood disputes can be easily resolved through discussion, or in the worst case with an appropriate letter of complaint, either to the individuals concerned or to the local authority. This pack provides templates for dealing with issues of noise, boundaries and overhanging vegetation - see the individual information associated with each document in this pack for a full description of their use.

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Complaint about a noisy neighbour (Guidance Notes)
Use this letter to complain to a neighbour about excessive noise. You should keep a copy of this letter when you send it along with any other correspondence between you and your neighbour. You should also begin keeping a record of the noise if you have not already done so. If this letter does not have the desired effect, you should use our 'Complaint to local authority officer about noisy neighbours' letter to escalate the matter.
Complaint to a neighbour about damage caused by tree roots (Guidance Notes)
Use this letter to accompany a surveyor's report confirming that damage has been caused to your property by the roots of a neighbour's tree. This should only be used if, having previously verbally complained to your neighbour, they have taken no action to rectify the problem. Should the neighbour still not repair the damage, you are legally entitled to pass on the costs of any repairs you arrange yourself. Please note that this document can only be used in England & Wales or Northern Ireland.
Complaint to local authority officer about noisy neighbours (Guidance Notes)
If previous attempts to resolve a problem with a noisy neighbour have failed, use this document to send a letter to the local authority responsible for noise complaints. You should have already sent at least one letter to the neighbour and kept a copy of that letter. If you have not already written to your neighbour, use our 'Complaint about a noisy neighbour' letter to do so.
Inform neighbour of intent to trim an overhanging tree or plant (Guidance Notes)
Use this letter to request that a neighbour trim the branches of a tree or plant which overhangs your property. Before using this letter, you should check with your local authority to ensure that there is no Tree Preservation Order in place for that particular tree/plant. This letter requests that your neighbour trim the overhanging branches within ten days and states that if it is not done within this period, that you will be obliged to do so yourself and return the branches to your neighbour. Please note that this document can only be used in England & Wales.
Letter to object to planning permission for neighbour's extension (Guidance Notes)
Use this document to send a letter of objection to a neighbour's proposed extension. The letter will allow you to object to the development on the ground(s) that you object to the purpose, the nature and design, the materials used of the development and/or that you object due to concerns on the development's impact on the surrounding area. You can use this letter whether or not you have looked at the development plans from the planning office.
Request a neighbour to cut back a tree or plant blocking light (Guidance Notes)
Use this letter as an initial request to a neighbour to prune evergreen trees or plants that are more than 2 metres high under the Anti Social Behaviour Act, if it's obstructing light to your garden or your home. Your neighbour must be living in a domestic (rather than commercial) property. This is document is suitable for individuals with property in England and Wales only.
Request an individual to stop trespassing on your property (Guidance Notes)
Use this letter to demand that an individual stops trespassing on your property. Before using this letter, you must have already asked the individual to stop trespassing on your property and they must have continued to trespass in spite of your request. The letter warns the trespasser that if they do not stop trespassing on your property, you will start court proceedings.