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What is the Official Solicitor?

The Official Solicitor's Office is part of the High Court structure. The Official Solicitor (OS) is head of that office. The Official Solicitor and their office, can act in a number of different types of circumstances to represent and protect the interest of persons under a disability, including minors and persons suffering from a mental disability.

The Office of Care and Protection (OCP) can invite the OS to act as a controller for a patient when there is no one else available to act. The OCP may also invite the OS to make applications for the appointment or discharge of a controller or to exercise any other power the court has over the property and affairs of the patient. Where in any proceedings the court considers that the interests of a patient for whom a controller has been appointed are not adequately represented by the controller, the Court may, if she consents, direct that the OS shall act as solicitor for the patient either generally in the proceedings or for any particular purpose connected with the proceedings.